Tuesday, 2 October 2007


My lovely 16 year old son is trying to get a job. Just something at weekends and evenings to put some money in his pocket whilst he studies for his A Levels and to pay his tutor.

  • He has applied to Tescos - we have a large one near by - not recruiting at present.
  • He has applied to Ikea - we have a new one near by - not interested in him, he's too young.
  • He has applied to the Amazon distribution centre - just near by, heard nothing.
  • He has applied to MacDonalds - surely they must want him - NO!
  • He has applied to Costco - too young.
  • He has applied to PC World - heard nothing.
  • He has applied to Argos - heard nothing.
  • He has applied to Starbucks - nothing.

OK, I know he is only 16, but he has 10 good GCSE's - what more d0 these people want.

How is a school leaver supposed to get a job. Personally, I am all for students staying on at school or going to college or getting an apprenticeship instead of just leaving school at 16 - it's too young to be out in the big wide world.

I know that we are in a different situation as he is still at school so work is not such a big issue yet, but it just seems so hard and my sympathies are with any 16 year old out there trying to make their way in world.

Never mind, I don't really think he wants a job, I mean that would ruin his social life!

Monday, 1 October 2007

Spelling - AGAIN

I really shouldn't post on a gin and tonic - this is getting ridiculous!!!

Blinking Flip

Blinking flip - I shan't swear here - I'm bigger than that, but I mean, bloody hell!

My house is fairly new - in terms of historic England and graded buildings, lets face it, it's 6½ years old - a mere baby. But what it has is death watch beetle. How in the name of hells teeth does a 6½ year old house get death watch beetle.

My house is a dolls house to look at - three storeys high with a front door in the middle. The front door has a porch or sorts. An A frame roof with wood down to a half-height brick wall. A neighbour called and point out that we had all these grubs in a crevice in the wood work and it had all gone soft (no husband jokes please!).

Called the insurance - nor you're not covered for insect damage (what if they were in a joist I ask), called Rent-a-Kill - not interested, called pest control at the council - are you in a council house, no, then go away. Thankfully we have a god of a man who works at school - the site manager. He has been round, measured up (no husband jokes please!) and said he will replace all the wood on the porch, I just need to buy him a drink.

Some times there are people out there who do things for you and then you really see who your friends are - like I say, he's a god as a far as I am concerned.

Husband couldn't do it - feel free to make husband joke!!!