Monday, 24 September 2007


I apologise. I have no lame excuses or fantastic whirlwind life that means I could get away with not blogging. I'll be honest with you, I've just been too lazy.

So school has started back (I know ages ago, and we're nearly at half-term....yippee), since my last post I will fill you in on what's been going on.

My eldest got his GCSE results. He was so nervous the night before. He sleep walks when he is worried, so I know he was worried. We live in a three story house and the boys live on the top floor, so when he have one of his nocturnal jaunts we have to make sure he doesn't fall down stairs! In the morning he was up at 5.00am when we couldn't collect them until 11.00. In the car on the way there we said nothing. When we arrived at the school he asked me not to get out. All the other parents that I knew were hovering outside the school waiting for their kids to come out, so there was no way I was staying in the car. I paid for this education with my taxes, I have made you a packed lunch every day for 11 years and driven you backwards and forwards to school. I have paid for countless sets of uniform and school trips. I have attended every parents evening, helped you with homework and revised with you late into every night - and you think I am staying in the car!

He managed 5 B's and 5 C's and this has given him a sharp kick in the pants. Not that B's and C's are not good, I am incredibly proud of him and that he managed to get them, but when his friends came out and they were all comparing notes, he was the only one with out a single A.

He has gone back into the sixth form to do his A Levels. He is doing Maths, Physics, Geography and Economics. Unfortunately he got a C at GCSE Maths and they like you to have a B if you are going to do it at A level. So I have hired him a tutor. The tutor gave him one lesson and said he doesn't stand a chance. So his Dad and I said that he needs to choose another subject. No, he wants his A level in Maths. So we paid the tutor for 5 lessons and he came back for an hour every night. At the end of the week he said that he could get a D now, still best to drop it. No, he wants his A level Maths. So he has got himself a weekend job to pay the tutor himself and he is having two lessons a week. He is determined - he told me that someone telling him he couldn't do something has made him determined to show them wrong.

I think that he has learned a valuable lesson already and I am very proud of him.


mutterings and meanderings said...

That is one impressive lad you have there - he knows what he wants and he's working to get it. A very important life lesson indeed.

Further on up the road said...

I second the vote for your lad being impressive - you should be very proud of him.

My son is a year ahead of him - he is now in last year of 6th form and working hard to get the grades he wants for university. I have to say I don't agree with any of this nonsense on the TV that school is easier etc. than in my day - it's just different. But I do feel the pressure to do well on kids is definitely greater than when I was at school.


What a brilliant attitude!!!

If there's any justice in this crappy world he'll get his maths.

Whatever. If I had a kid like that (well ok mine's a gem anyroad) I'd be so proud of him he'd be embarrassed.

The Secretary said...

Thanks guys - I think he's pretty special, but then I'm biased.

He's a good lad, and I love him to death.

Marianne said...

It sounds as though he is making a good job of achieving his goals and with an attitude like that, he has to succeed. Good luck to him.