Monday, 13 August 2007


I have been on holiday. My husband surprised me by whisking me off for two weeks in Florida. So, that's why I haven't been here!

We did not 'do' Disney etc., as we have been to Florida many a time and quite frankly if I see one more person in a mouse costume I am likely to swing for them.

What we did do was, Busch Gardens, Universal Islands of Adventure and Epcot (I know, Disney, but not Mickey Mouse Disney), for the Husband and the boys as they like the rides. I do not so they park me somewhere in the sun with my book and a steady supply of Margaritas and then come and carry me home at the end - everyone is happy!

We also did Cirque Du Soleil - which we have never done before and it was amazing and well worth the money to get in.

We did the Titanic Exhibition - OK, but the same as the one that was in London a year or so ago.

But best of all, we went and saw the Space Shuttle Endeavour launch at Kennedy, which was truly amazing. We arrived two hours before the launch in Titusville and stopped at a local petrol station and asked for the best place to see the launch but avoid the Space Centre itself. They directed us to Merritt Island, which is part of the Space Centre, but free and the opposite side of the river to the launch site. Off we went and found the entrance and drove for what seemed like ages until we came to Manatee Landing. There were quite a few other people there, but all locals, and we struck up some good conversations with some very nice people. The Manatees came right up to the viewing platform and then two dolphins came up the river and were circling the fish and had them leaping out of the water and jumping to catch them - I know it a very Disney saying, but it was magical. Well worth the two hour wait, plenty of entertainment from the locals, the Manatees and the dolphins - just brilliant.

We did a lot of shopping. I have another new Louis Vuitton bag which I love. I also got a new iPod as its all cheaper out there.

All in all absolute bliss. I am recharged and refreshed and ready for anything!


Rob Clack said...

Hey, welcome back! A shuttle launch sounds awesome, I'd vote for that. And I've heard good things about Cirque du Soleil, too.

rilly super said...

the bit about the book, the sun, and the margaritas sounds just perfect secretary dear. I think I would have probably phoned NASA to complain about the disturbance if they'd launched that great big dirty noisy thing while I was there though..

The Secretary said...

Rob - Cirque du Soleil was fabulous and I would recommend it whole-heartedly to anyone going out there. It was very expensive, but worth every dime.

Rilly - How are you my lovely, long time no speak, as they say. NASA were called, which is why they delayed the launch until the 8th rather than the 7th to ensure that the wind was blowing away from us and carried the noise away. I do rather think that they could have gone with a different colour this time - white is so yesterday!

Marianne said...

Do you really have to go all the way to Florida for the Cirque du Soleil? Don't think I can quite stretch to that. Do they ever come to Tunbridge Wells?

Glad you are back. I was getting worried about you.

The Secretary said...

Hi Marianne - nice to know that someone was worried about me! Have a look at - they are doing some shows in London.

Drunk Mummy said...

Welcome back Secretary!
Sounds like the Florida holiday was great fun. So sensible to choose the margaritas over the retina-detaching rides!


I promise to never wear a mouse suit in your presence.... about a Homer head? It's latex you know. I think.

Never been called fab before. Ta babe x