Monday, 1 October 2007

Blinking Flip

Blinking flip - I shan't swear here - I'm bigger than that, but I mean, bloody hell!

My house is fairly new - in terms of historic England and graded buildings, lets face it, it's 6½ years old - a mere baby. But what it has is death watch beetle. How in the name of hells teeth does a 6½ year old house get death watch beetle.

My house is a dolls house to look at - three storeys high with a front door in the middle. The front door has a porch or sorts. An A frame roof with wood down to a half-height brick wall. A neighbour called and point out that we had all these grubs in a crevice in the wood work and it had all gone soft (no husband jokes please!).

Called the insurance - nor you're not covered for insect damage (what if they were in a joist I ask), called Rent-a-Kill - not interested, called pest control at the council - are you in a council house, no, then go away. Thankfully we have a god of a man who works at school - the site manager. He has been round, measured up (no husband jokes please!) and said he will replace all the wood on the porch, I just need to buy him a drink.

Some times there are people out there who do things for you and then you really see who your friends are - like I say, he's a god as a far as I am concerned.

Husband couldn't do it - feel free to make husband joke!!!



As a member of The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Deathwatch Beetles I object!!

There has to be one hasn't there?

If we're not allowed to slag illegal Somalians off then Deathwatch Beetles have to have some law in their favour surely?

Were you charged extra when you bought it or some'at?

Further on up the road said...

So where do they come from then?

You are lucky to get someone to help out - these days builders, roofers etc. seem to have so much work they can pick and choose what they do etc. Real pain when you have a relatively small job to get done.

The Secretary said...

Death watch beetles aside, I love my house. I wanted an old one but he who must be obeyed insisted on anew one (less work for him to so see). I am the sort of person who objects to killing a spider, so the death watch beetle is really in a league of its own here - and get rid of it I will - we are talking the punk of the insect kingom (no disrespect 4D). I have a mortgage on this house that most people would cry at, so no one is eating it.

Further up the road - deepest Buckinghamshire - and the site manager is not human, a builder or a roofer, he is in fact a god amongst men!!