Tuesday, 2 October 2007


My lovely 16 year old son is trying to get a job. Just something at weekends and evenings to put some money in his pocket whilst he studies for his A Levels and to pay his tutor.

  • He has applied to Tescos - we have a large one near by - not recruiting at present.
  • He has applied to Ikea - we have a new one near by - not interested in him, he's too young.
  • He has applied to the Amazon distribution centre - just near by, heard nothing.
  • He has applied to MacDonalds - surely they must want him - NO!
  • He has applied to Costco - too young.
  • He has applied to PC World - heard nothing.
  • He has applied to Argos - heard nothing.
  • He has applied to Starbucks - nothing.

OK, I know he is only 16, but he has 10 good GCSE's - what more d0 these people want.

How is a school leaver supposed to get a job. Personally, I am all for students staying on at school or going to college or getting an apprenticeship instead of just leaving school at 16 - it's too young to be out in the big wide world.

I know that we are in a different situation as he is still at school so work is not such a big issue yet, but it just seems so hard and my sympathies are with any 16 year old out there trying to make their way in world.

Never mind, I don't really think he wants a job, I mean that would ruin his social life!


Freddie said...

OK, that's a little wierd. I'm in the same situation as your son, just started A-Levels, looking for a job. I'm trying to get into Borders at the moment, so I've just finished my first CV :)

It's weird that IKEA said no because of age. I'm also near an IKEA, and several of my friends (also 16) have been given jobs there. :S

The only other thing I can suggest is not being afraid to try odd and random places. One of my mates is working at an Estate Agents, and when she went in and asked, they employed her on the spot, simply because nobody else had asked...

Best of luck...

Freddie :)

The Secretary said...

Cheers Freddie - I hope you have more success.

Further on up the road said...

There's the problem - he has 10 GCSEs, he'll be more highly qualified than the rest of the staff at most of those places... :-)

Given he's clearly well educated I'm with Freddie, try out of the obvious places. What's his hobbies? Try shops where his passion for those show through. I think my son would have just walked into any job at a photographic shop as he just knows so much about it all.

But then he is in the category of "work!? I've the rest of my life to think about that - I'm off to walk across half of Southern England with a camera and a tripod right now bye"

Marianne said...

Well good luck to him - it is difficult at any age to get that first break. My older sons both left University and struggled long and hard to get any sort of work. They were over-qualified for bar and shop jobs, and had no relevant experience for more demanding work. They both went through very difficult times. At least your son doesn't need a job at the moment, but I hope he can find something soon.


He is at a distinct disadvantage.

Now. If he was of eastern european extraction or, even better, a one legged Somalian lesbian, he'd be snapped up as they'd be too scared not to.

Am I allowed to say that these days? Oh sod it I have....

The Secretary said...

Panic over - he's got an interview on Monday for a job with the Royal Mail over Christmas. I think he's hoping for a strike!


You emigrated or some'at?


Hope yer ok babe 'n had a good Chrimbo. Happy New Year 'n come back soon eh x